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Tina Sandherr
Tina Sandherr was born and raised in Pittsburgh, the sixth of ten children. She felt a strong bond, almost maternal, immediately when the youngest sibling was born with Down syndrome. This relationship set the course for most of the major decisions she made in her life.
At about the 7th grade, she started volunteering at St. Michaels School in the South Side, a school for the handicapped, and continued volunteering up through high school.
Tina was the first of the family to attend college where she studied and graduated with a B.S. in Special Education. After graduating, at a time when there were few teaching jobs available, she began working as a Program Director for a non-profit organization setting up housing for residents exiting Western Center and then moved onto a position with Western Psych working in their TAC center.
First and foremost, Tina sees herself as a deeply spiritual person. She believes that her faith based life should be reflected in all aspects of her life, personally and professionally. She continues to be a strong advocate for her handicapped sister and for all handicapped individuals and believes that all people deserve to live a respectable life regardless of their abilities.
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